Property Information

  • Building Construction
    An overview of the major building construction methods used for residential dwellings and commercial and industrial buildings in Melbourne today. Also include building construction materials and stages of construction.
  • Highest & Best Use
    Describes the valuation concept of Highest and Best Use with an example.
  • Project Feasibility
    Defines what a ‘feasibility study’ is used for in the context of a property development project. Methods: Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis and DCF.
  • GST & Property
    Brief overview of GST as it applies to most types of property transactions and depends on whether it is a private residential, commercial residential, commercial property or farm.
  • Title, Encumbrances, etc.
    Brief description of different types of titles, caveats, mortgages, covenants, easements, etc.
  • Due Diligence
    Individual circumstances of each site has to be assessed to determine their development potential and possible contraints. Your site need to be assessed against local laws, through planning scheme provisions including zoning, overlays and codes and against related registers such as flooding, contaminated sites and past approvals.

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