Pre-Purchase Advice

(for Residential, Commercial & Industrial properties)

An independent valuation of the property you are considering buying, combined with advice on the property's potential, will ensure that you know what you are purchasing and whether you are paying a fair market price.

Read the story about Jack's $30,000 mistake

Jack L wanted to surprise his future wife with a beautiful two bedroom apartment he had 'found' on a real estate website.

In his eagerness he believed the real estate agent's rationale for why this property will be snapped up at $350,000. Jack even thought that he was being cautious by calling another agent for a second opinion. Six months later after buying this unit, he discovered that several other similar two bedroom apartments in his block and in another apartment complex in the next street had been sold for between $300,000 to $320,000 at about the same time when he purchased his unit. 

Jack realised that he had overpaid by at least $30,000  for his unit!!  If only he had obtained independent advice from a Certified Practicing Valuer, who because of his/her training, experience and knowledge of the market would have valued Jack's beautiful two bedroom apartment at close to $300,000 to $320,000! This amount would be what Jack should have offerred for the property.