Are you looking for the Cheapest Price or a Budget Price Valuation?  


If you are, sorry our valuations are not the cheapest. Before you cross us out from your valuers’ list consider this. Valuations are professional services and professional services are carried out by professionals whose fees are based on their experience, level of expertise and the amount of time they take to complete a job. 

If you ordered the cheapest price valuation, in all likelihood you will be getting what you pay for. Either your valuation will be carried out by a junior or lower paid valuer (who has limited property valuation experience) or a large part of the valuation process will be done by support staff who are non-valuers. Another way someone can offer the cheapest or a budget price valuation is by cutting corners, such as providing a shorter valuation report with less details, or one that arrives at the value figure based on a smaller number of value attributes. 

Logic tells you that it is commercially not viable for a valuation to be cheap and be carried out by a very experienced expert valuer. Likewise, someone cannot provide a high level of due diligence when carrying out a valuation and produce a detailed valuation report and yet offer a budget price.   

Many valuation firms leave the research of property sales evidence, which forms the heart of the typical residential valuation process, to their junior lower paid personnel. The selection of which  sales to use in the Sales Comparison method of valuation as well as the number of value attributes to consider are critical to the final value figure. If a non-comparable or wrong comparable sale is chosen, this can skew the final value to an inaccurate figure. Similarly, if only a small number of value attributes (example: number of bedrooms and bathrooms, condition and land size) are compared, an inaccurate value could be the the outcome.   

Hence, although the expert valuer with the benefit of years of valuation experience and market knowledge is less likely to make such errors in selection and comparison, the expert valuer offering a budget price valuation may skim on details. 

You should never compromise on the accuracy of value of the property in question (which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or even more), just because you chose the cheapest or a budget price valuation to save perhaps a couple of hundred dollars in valuation fees. 

In conclusion, when choosing a valuer these time-honoured quotes are so true: 

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten!” 

“You get what you pay for!”