What is a Certified Property Valuation?

This is a document providing an independent and objective opinion of a Fair Market Value of a property by a Certified Practising Valuer accredited by the Australian Property Institute.

What is it used for?

Prospective buyers do not usually accept a Vendor's asking price. A Vendor (or Seller) can use a Certified Property Valuation as a convincing sales aid to support a property's asking price.

How is a Certified Valuation different from a free appraisal by an Estate Agent?

Real estate agents will provide this service with the hope that they may secure your property i.e. to list your property for sale. Real estate agents are constantly looking for new properties to sell as they can not stay in business without new properties to sell. A real estate agent is dependent on the sale of the property taking place to earn a commission, hence  an agent's appraisal is never independent. On the other hand, an accredited valuer has no pecuniary interest in the sale and earns a relatively small fee for a totally independent valuation. 

What type(s) of property is a Certified Property Valuation suitable for? 
It is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial properties including vacant land.
How much will it cost for a Certified Valuation?

How much will it cost you for a delay in selling your property just because an interested buyer was not fully convinced that your asking price was reasonable? If only you could have shown that buyer a signed document from an accredited property professional who is a Certified Practising Valuer and Member of the Australian Property Institute. For a relatively small cost (several hundred dollars only) you can possess this critical document to support your asking price which could save you lots of time and money. Send us with some basic information using this form (Request for Quote) and we'll get back to you with an obligation-free quote as soon as possible.