Melbourne valuer and property consultant serving all suburbs. Get an INDEPENDENT VALUATION for and information about your Melbourne property that you can TRUST! By a qualified, trained and experienced property professional who is a Member of the Australian Property Institute (AAPI) and a Certified Practising Valuer (CPV).

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by  fully  qualified,  accredited and  experienced  Melbourne Certified Practising Valuers for these purposes:







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 *  Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale
 *  Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
 *  Centrelink / Asset Test
 *  Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)
 *  Estate/Probate
 *  Marriage / Partnership Settlement
 *  Family Law
 *  Financial Reporting
 *  Rental Review
 *  Property Transfer / Stamp Duty
 *  Mortgage Security (on contract only)





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Why you can rely on a Certified Practising Valuer?

When the Taxation Department, Family Court, Government, Banks or any other body dealing with money and assets require precise knowledge as to the value of real estate, do they call in the real estate (commission) agent? No, they engage a professional valuer - a Certified Practising Valuer - someone who is able to stand up in a Court of Law and swear on oath as to the value of the piece of real estate in question.

A fully qualified and accredited valuer is independent of all parties associated with a property. A commission estate agent is never independent, as payment by commission makes the commission estate agent dependent upon a sale taking place, and this gives rise to a conflict of interests as between the commission estate agent and his own client.


Australian Property Institute

The Australian Property Institute represents the interests of more than 7,500 property professionals throughout Australia. API members include residential, commercial and plant and machinery valuers, property advisers, property analysts and fund managers, property lawyers, and property researchers and academics.

The Institute’s primary role is to set and maintain the highest standards of professional practice, education, ethics and professional conduct for its members and the broader property profession.

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